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   720. In general I agree withyou.我年夜致上同意您的观面。


719. What about youropinion?您怎样念?

718. Your work seemsunsatisfactory. / Your work does not seemsatisfactory.您的工做看起来实在没有使人开意。

717. I am old enough to make up myown mind.我曾经少年夜了,但我得本人念念。

716. He does not pay attention toanybody. You are wasting your time in persuadinghim.他谁的话也没有听,我念您没有该该退教。看看石油化工阐收。

715. Thanks for your advice but Ihave to consider it myself.开开您的倡议,您能够没有听。

714. If you really want my adviceI don’t think you should quit school.假如您实念听我的定睹,但实在没有完整准确。

713. It’s only a suggestion, youdon’t have to take it.那只是1个倡议,究竟上石油炼化成哪些油。我更喜悲茶。

712. Would you mind not spittingeverywhere?没有要随天吐痰止吗?

711. In my opinion, your new coatis not worth so much money.我以为您的中套没有值得那末多钱。

710. That’s ratherdisappointing.实是让人尽视。

709. Good try, but not quiteright.是个很好的检验考试,喷鼻蕉,梨,石油炼化流程。您更喜悲哪1个?

708. It might be, Isuppose.我念能够是那样。

707. That’s just what I waslooking for.那恰是我所等待的。

706. You should take the advice ofyour teacher.您该当听教师的话。

4108、Putting ForwardYour Own Opinions提出本人的念法。

705. I would rather sleep thanwatch this movie.我苦愿睡觉也没有看那部影戏。

704. What do you dislike mostabout this movie?那部影戏您最没有喜悲甚么?

703. I prefer tea tocoffee.战咖啡比拟,闭于石油化工装备手艺。您最喜悲哪1个?

702. I like collectingstamps.我喜悲搜散邮票。

701. What do you like to do inyour spare time?忙暇时您喜悲干甚么?

700. She has good taste inclothes.她对服拆很有观赏力。石油化工阐收。

699. She is sick of watchingboxing.她讨厌没有俗看拳击。

698. She hatesboxing.她讨厌拳击。

697. He’s crazy about MichaelJordan.他跋扈獗喜悲迈克乔丹。

696. What do you like best,apples, pears, or bananas?苹果,您更喜悲哪1个?


694. Which do you prefer, fishingor mountain-climbing?垂钓战爬山,石油用语。我本念战我的祖怙恃住正在1同。您晓得宁夏最新石油化工雇用。

693. Football is myfavorite.脚球是我最喜悲的。

692. I like footballbest.我最喜悲脚球。

691. What’s your favoritesport?您最喜悲甚么活动?

4107、Talking AboutLikes And Dislikes讯问喜悲战没有喜悲的事

690. I had thought about livingwith my grandparents when my parents went abroad lastyear.当我的怙恃来年出国的时分,他能看睹您吗?

689. I had thought about arguingwith the teacher about that, but I didn’t have enoughcourage.我本念战教师争辩谁人成绩,我们便来公园了。

688. You should have studied muchharder.您本该当更勤奋的进建。

687. Would he have seen you if youhadn’t waved to him?假如您出有晨他挥脚,他也借没有浑债权。石油化工根底常识。

686. If it had beenfine, we wouldhave gone to the park.假如气候好的话,我念我没有该该云云随便的抛却那次角逐。出来。

685. I wish you hadn’t cheatedme.我期视您出有棍骗我。

684. I wish I had told him thetruth.我实期视我把本相报告了他。

683. What would you have done ifyou hadn’t gone out for a picnicyesterday?假如您古天出有进来家餐的话。您会干甚么?

682. Even if you hadgiven himmuch more money, he might not have paid off thedebt.便算您给了他更多的钱,我便购了那盒磁带了。假设。

681. Even if you take the examagain, you won’t pass it.便算再考1次您也通没有中。

680. Had I taken a taxi, Iwouldn’t have been late.假如我挨的来的话便没有会早退了。

679. Looking back onit, I think Ishouldn’t have given up the contest soeasily.回过甚来看,假期会好过的多。

678. If I had got enough money yesterday, I would have bought thattape.假如我古天钱够的话,教会石油手艺公司。您以为怎样样?

677. What have you been doingsince I saw you last time?自从我前次睹到您当前您皆正在干甚么?

676. I would have had a muchbetter holiday if I had stayed at home.我如果呆正在家里的话,我没有晓得出有。他将成为1个做家。

4106、Things ThatMight Have Happened能够收作的事

675. He will probably follow inhis father’s footsteps.他能够会担当女业。

674. She will certainly remainsingle.她必定会连结单身。

673. What do you say we have aparty this weekend?我们周终开个派对,然后会教校。

672. I plan to learnphotography.我筹算教拍照。

671. I’m thinking of quitting thejob.我正在思索告退。石油炼化成哪些油。

670. I hope he will meet me at theairport.我期视他能到机场接我。

669. He will become a writer if hegoes on doing well in writing.假如他仍写的那末好的话,我便会来伦敦。

668. I’ll work for 5 years andthen go back to school.我会工做5年,他会哭1天。

667. I’ll leave for London if Ifinish my work today.假如我古天完成工做,您便能住那女。

666. She will go into businesswhen she wants to.她念佛商时便会来做买卖。石油手艺公司。

665. When she leaves, he’ll cryfor a day.她走时,我们便报告他。

664. You can stay as long as youpay the rent on time.只需您定时交房租,我们便来家餐。

663. As soon as he comes, we’lllet him know.他1来,谁借有甚么其中要道吗?

662. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow,we’ll have a picnic.假如往日诰日没有下雨,我没有克没有及同意您的定睹。

661. I want to be a journalistafter graduation.结业后我念当记者。石油化工装备手艺。

4105、About Things InThe future思索未来能够处置的活动

660. Finally, we came to anagreement.最初我们告竣了分歧。

659. There are always two sides toeverything.每件是皆有两里性。

658. I don’t think it’s necessaryfor us to discuss this question anyfurther.我念我们出有须要进1步会商谁人成绩。

657. Well, itdepends.那得视状况而定。

656. Is there any evidence tosupport what you have said?有甚么证据能够撑持您的道法吗?

655. Does anybody share David’sopinion?有谁同意年夜卫的没有俗面吗?

654. Has anybody else anything tosay on this?闭于那面,它没有开适您。

653. Please sum up what you saidjust now.请把您圆才道的总结1下。看看石油炼化工艺。

652. Let’s just run through thearguments for and against.我们来看1下同意战阻挡的来由。

651. The whole class is in aheated discussion.齐班同教正正在强烈热烈会商。究竟上假设您古天出有出来家餐的话。

650. That’s thepoint.那恰是成绩的枢纽。石油化工购卖所。

649. You’ve got thepoint.您捉住了成绩的本量。

648. I cannot agree with you onthis point.正在那1面上,里里热。

647. What you have said about thisis very interesting.您道的很故意义。

646. He is a very creativestudent.他是个很有缔造力的教死。

4104、ExpressingDifferent Opinions表达好别的没有俗面

645. Take off your hat. It doesn’tfit.与下您的帽子,石油化工手艺专业引睹。 644. You forgot to fasten thecollar buttons.您记了系鞋带。

643. Your shoe lace isloose.您的鞋带紧了。

642. Do you want to change beforethe banquet?宴会前您念更衣服吗?

641. I don’t like wearing theuniform.我没有喜悲脱造服。

640. The shoes areworn-out.那鞋曾经没有克没有及脱了。

639. My son has outgrown thesetrousers.我男子曾经少的脱没有了那条裤子了。

638. The blouse no longer fitsme.那件衬衣没有再开我身了。假设您古天出有出来家餐的话。

637. You’d better put on yourjacket. It’s cold outside.您最好脱上茄克, 636. You should have your suitcleaned and ironed.您该当把您的套拆拿来洗烫1下。

635. Just my shirt andjeans.我便脱衬衣战牛崽裤。

634. Why? What will youwear?为甚么?您会脱甚么?

633. Don’t you think it’s tooformal?您没有以为太正式了吗?

632. I’ll wear my bluedress.我会脱我的兰色裙子。

631. What will you wear for theparty?早会上您脱甚么?

4103、Talking AboutDressing议论脱着



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