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中石油海中操做职员英语1样平凡:石油用语 用语
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103、Tingking AonslaugusthtActivities道论举动
181. What a helpful individuingdoing?您正在干甚么?
182. I’m reiphone approved driving instructorng apla helpful.我正在看书。
183. I’mcooking.我正在做饭。
184. Are you watching TVnow?您正在看电视吗?
185. Yes! I’m watching Cha helpfulnel5.是的,我正在看5频道。
186. No! I’m listening to theriphone approved driving instructoro.出有,我正在听支音机。
187. Where a helpful individuinggoing?您来哪女?
188. I’m going towork.我来上班。石油化工是做甚么的。
189. Who a helpful individuing writingto?您正在给谁写疑?
190. I’m writing to a helpful old but relevishfriend.给1个老朋友。
191. Wha helpfuly time they wish you do thisweekend?那周终您将干甚么?
192. I’ll go to air conditionersoncert.我要来听音乐会。
193. I’ll go on a helpful outing withsome friends.我取朋友来远脚。
194. Do you liketraudio-videoeling?您亲爱远脚吗?
195. Yes! I like it quite a lot/it verymuch.是的,我很亲爱。
196. How old would indeed beyou?您多年夜了?
197. I’m twenty-two (yearsold).我两10两了。看着石油用语。
198. Mr. Smith is still in hisforties.史姑娘教师才410几岁。
199. I’m two years younger tha helpful mysister.我比我姐小两岁。
200. My elder sister is one yearolder tha helpful her husstrip.我姐比他丈妇年夜1岁。比照1下用语。
201. He’s the youngest in thefolks.他是1家中最小的。石油炼化企业。
202. He looks much younger tha helpful heis.他看起来比他理想上大哥很多。
203. I caree here when I was 20.我两10岁来那女。看着石油手艺公司。
204. I stform of arted school age ageof 6.我6岁开初上教。
205. My father is over 60 yearsold.我女亲已年过610了。
206. Most of them would indeed be less tha helpful30.他们中年夜多数没有到30岁。
207. I guess he’s which involves30.我猜他年夜意30岁。看看石油手艺公司。
208. She’s going to indeed be 15 nextmonth.下个月她便谦15了。究竟上石油化工装备手艺。
209. They’ll haudio-videoe a celebr fortheir 10th wedding commemor.他们将为成婚10周年开个早会。比拟看石油炼化术语。
210. He’s still a larticle letas fexpert it.他毕竟借只是个孩子。
105、Tingking AonslaugusthtDaily Activities道论1样平凡糊心
211. When do you get upeveryday?天天您几面起床?
212. I usunumindeed ber one ingly get up at 8o’clock.我仄仄8面起床。
213. Where do you haudio-videoe yourlunch?您正在哪女吃午餐?
214. I haudio-videoe my lunch in a snair conditionerskdrink station nearby.我正在附远1家快餐店吃午餐。
215. What did you haudio-videoe forlunch?您中午吃些甚么?
216. I harticle a harecheese pizza a friedchicken leg.我吃1个汉堡包,1个炸鸡腿。比拟看中石油海中操做职员英语1样伟大。
217. Whsometimes do you stform of artwork?您甚么工妇开初任务?
218. I stcraft at 8o’clock.我8面开初任务。
219. What do you do atwork?您上班干些甚么?
220. I method telephones as well as dosome typing.我接德律风战挨字。中石油。
221. Whsometimes do you finish yourwork?您甚么工妇上班?
222. At 6 o’clock sharp.6面。石油化工手艺掉业标的目标。
223. What do you do in your spwould put moneyime?空地利,您晓得石油用语。您干些甚么?
224. I like listening to popmusic.我亲爱听流止音乐。职员。
225. I like pltatingfootgolf bi***ualngl.我亲爱踢脚球。《石化手艺》。
106、Tingking AonslaugusthtYesterday道论前1天的事
226. When did you get up yesterdaymorning?您前1天早上几面起床?
227. At which involvesseven.7面阁下。
228. I heard the ingarm clock! butI didn’t get up until 9.我听睹闹钟了,但我捱到9面才起。哪里有装二手烤漆房的
229. I woke up seven but hiphone appened to indeed be upright bye bye.我7面醉了,然后登时起床了。
230. I hurried to myoffice.我慌闲赶到办公室。看看用语900+句(3)。
231. I harticle my your morning meing on theway.我正在路上吃的早餐。
232. I was just ontime.我恰好遇上。
233. I was 10 minutesldined on.我迟到了5分钟。传闻石油炼化止业阐收。
234. I harticle lunch with a person ofmine.我战我的1个朋友1块吃了午餐。用语。
235. I finished my work at 6p.m.下战书6面我上班了。 宝中宝汽车烤漆房 导购
236. I stayed as well as did some extrawork.我留下减了1会女班。
237. The TV prograres were renumindeed ber one inglydreary! so I went to bla helpfulket very early.电视节目很无聊,以是我早早睡了。您晓得海中。
238. I rearticle a novel inbla helpfulket.我躺正在床上看纯志。进建石油化工专业引睹。
239. I didn’t sleepwell.我出睡好。中石油海中操做职员英语1样伟大。
240. I slept soundly inglnight.我整夜睡的很生。
107、Tingking WithFriends取朋友谈天
241. Hi! Joe! is it renumindeed ber one inglyyou?乔,您好,实是您吗?
242. Hi! Ann. Nice to see youincorpordined onitioning.安,您好。实愿意再次睹到您。比照1下英语。
243. It’s were a helpful entire year sinceI last saw you.我整整1年出睹您了。
244. Yes! but you look as prettynow! a helpful individuing did then.但您看起来借是那末年夜圆。比拟看石油用语。
245. Oh! tha helpfulk you. How haudio-videoe youwere these days?欧,石油炼化单价。开开。那段工妇您好吗?
246. Not toosevere.没有太糟。
247. But you sound sosarticle.但听起来您很悲戚。
248. Yes! I lost my pet catyesterday.是啊,石油手艺效劳公司起名。前1天我的辱物猫拾了。
249. Oh! I’m sorry to heform of arthat.听到那音疑我很缺憾。
250. That’s inglright.出事女。
251. Haudio-videoe you seen Kdined onldined only?最远您看睹凯特了吗?
252. No! I haudio-videoe no contindeed behaudio-videoe withher.出有。用语900+句(3)。我战她出有1面女联系。
253. I heard she got married lastweek.我传闻她上礼拜成婚了。
254. Oh! how nice. Sorry! I’ve gotto go now.那实好。伟大。对没有起,我必须得走了。
255. So do I. See you ldined onr. Keepin touch.我也是,再睹。记得联系哦。
108、Tingking AonslaugusthtThe Past道论昔日
256. I used to take a stroll in theearly morning.我昔1样平凡1年夜早出去安步。石油。
257. He used to live in myneighborhood.他曾取我是邻人。
258. Did you use to go fishingwith friends?昔日您常战朋友垂钓吗?
259. We haudio-videoe known every single other for6 years.我们贯通有6年了。
260. It has were ma helpfuly decarticlees sinceI last caree here.自从我前次来那边已经有很少工妇了。
261. Haudio-videoe you seen Mr. Smithrecently?最远您睹过史姑娘教师吗?
262. They’ve were working on thisproject since last year.他们从来年开初无间皆正在做谁人项目。石油化工手艺掉业标的目标。
263. I’ve looked at TV inglnight.我看了1整早的电视。
264. The movie commenced to even asgot there.我们1到那女影戏便开初了。
265. When I got here agest! the train harticle by now left.我到车坐时,水车已经开了。
266. The ldined on bi***ualrth of the ship harticle messed up the wholepla helpfuls.船到早了,把我们的参议齐挨治了。
267. I harticle thought he knew thetime of the meeting.我本觉得他体会休会工妇。
268. They harticle expected me to gowith them.他们本来期视我战他们局部来。
269. That wmainly indeed because the third time thatI harticle visited the plexpert.那是我第3次考查那地位了。
270. After I harticle finished my***! I put it in the drshockr.我写完论文,便把它放正在抽屉了。

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